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You First is a live action visual novel that tells a different love story.

Alex and Seb are a young couple in love, and they think they’ll be together forever. So they get a bit carried away and decide to have an open relationship. However, things don’t turn out the way they expect.

In You First you follow the evolution of the characters throughout three episodes in different years of their lives. A quirky narrator who makes fun of the events will guide you, and you will be able to choose how their love story unfolds at specific times in each episode. Will they dare to tell the truth or a white lie? Will they have sex at home or make plans outside? Interactive decisions in a romantic style suited for singles, couples and dating sim lovers as well.

Starring Iris Darriba and Roberto Alvite, and written, directed and produced by Roberto Alvite himself, all chapters of this adventure will take you across natural locations around the city of A Coruña (Galicia, Spain). A true romance, with actors and actresses as real as you. Films, books and games together in this interactive affair!


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Melgo Cinema
Based in A Coruña, Galicia (Spain)

Release date:
August 10, 2021 (iOS and Android)

iOS · Android


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First episode is FREE!

Full game available for: USD 3.99 / EUR 3,49 / GBP 2.99.


  • An unforgettable trip to the ups and downs of a young couple: explore love, friendship, desire and loss.
  • A quirky narrator messing with different points of view for real-life situations in every episode. What if…?
  • 400+ photos to bring the characters to life! A one-of-a-kind experience for a romance visual novel.
  • Localization to Galician, Spanish, English, French, Italian and Brazilian Portuguese.



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Selected articles

“The themes attract our curiosity and the interactive format fits this story very well. However, Alvite makes it clear that first of all, You First «speaks of a young couple who love each other, and it is in the way of traveling that path together that conflicts arise.»”

· María Hernández Solana, The Objective (ES) (09/06/2021).

“Reading, now, can become an immersive experience in which any of us can intervene.”

· Cristina Zavala, Los 40 Spain (10/06/2021).

· Live radio interview, Radio Nacional de España (RNE) (20/08/2021).

“Whether the first or not, few audiovisual projects in Spain can surpass it in courage.”

· Xabier Sanmartín, El Correo Gallego (23/08/2021).

About the author

Photo: Iván Castro

Roberto Alvite (A Coruña, 1989) works as executive producer, writer and director at Melgo Cinema, his own production company created along with Javier Gálego in 2018, in which he creates projects in diverse formats and genres that focus on talking about social issues. His debut film is The three falls of Maria Santiso, a comedy-drama short film in distribution, winner of the Audience Award for Best Galician Film at the 41 Lugo Film Week. Next he works on Dessert, a suspense short film in distribution; Our passing, a fantasy miniseries in financing; Estelas, a drama feature film in financing, and on You First.

With a Degree in Social Education by the University of La Coruña (Galicia, Spain), he enters the audiovisual industry in 2015 to study acting. In time, he decides to step forward and create films and games from the bottom of his heart.

He is a member of the writers guild ALMA, the Collecting Society DAMA, and the Galician Audiovisual Academy.

About Melgo Cinema

Melgo Cinema was founded in A Coruña (Galicia, Spain) in 2018. The manager, Roberto Alvite, believes in a film and game industry that goes beyond simply offering audiovisual entertainment for the audience, which is strengthened by documentary work to explore processes and themes from each project in detail. Realizing the potential to grow, it starts mixing films and games with the same ultimate goals.

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Roberto Alvite on Instagram and Twitter.

Iris Darriba on Instagram.

Main credits

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Roberto Alvite
Executive producer, writer, director, line producer and co-protagonist

Javier Gálego
Associate producer

Iris Darriba

Nuria Rey
Director of photography

Lara Capeáns

Óscar Nieto
Sound designer

Laura Baena
Costume designer

Luca Yohan
Art director

Manuel García Vicente

App external developer


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